Ebix Exchange

EbixExchange is the market leading insurance exchange platform offering brokers and carriers services that digitise the entire insurance lifecycle.

Ebix understands the value of face to face business in the insurance industry. The EbixExchange platform compliments this process but also reduces the amount of time spent on repetitive admin work so that you can spend more time enhancing relationships and creating new opportunities.

Our main aim is to reduce the reliance on paper and to speed up the long laborious and costly tasks within the insurance market. EbixExchange consists of modules which allow you to quote, bind and endorse (Placing), deliver technical and settlement information (A&S and EBOT), send claim advices (ECF and ECOT) and convert documents/spreadsheets into a structured data format. All of this is possible and is underpinned by the Ebix messaging gateway which is configured to the latest ACORD standards.


Ebix’s electronic placing platform is the leading platform within the London Insurance Market for placing business digitally. Information and documents can be shared electronically to support quotes, through to the binding of firm orders digitally and making required changes via endorsement. Our Placing Platform creates more time for underwriters and brokers to have meaningful face to face discussions.

Data Integration

Structured Data Capture (SDC) is a market wide service that can convert hard copy insurance documentation into digital structured data for the Carrier to consume. This replaces the need for rekeying data from a hard copy into a back office system. Ebix brings an additional benefit of receiving the global placing message output from SDC and PPL, then converting that output into a format bespoke to the Carrier’s requirements.


Ebix’s accounting module digitises the back office processes allowing a Broker to submit premium information to a Carrier or the bureau. It also allows for a Carrier to receive this data from a Broker or equally from the bureau as well. This data is can be submitted and received using the ACORD standard messaging or EDI.


The claims suite allows a Broker to submit claims documentation and data into the bureau or directly to a Carrier. Carriers can also receive this from the bureau or directly from a broker. This is also built around the latest ACORD standards or using the existing EDI route.

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