ExposureHub is a new ground-breaking and powerful exposure management platform, built and designed with the user in mind.

Your exposure management data is priceless, even more so when accessed and utilised to the full. The ExposureHub platform is targeted to effortlessly mine this precious resource and to put it to work for you. The intuitive layout of ExposureHub allows both experienced exposure managers and less frequent users to get the most out of their data; the platform’s accessible design and user-friendly map displays encourage users of all levels of expertise to fully benefit.


  1. Improve risk selection, thereby increasing your return on capital
  2. Identify under-exposed areas of your portfolio and target opportunities for growth
  3. Exceptional processing speeds, even with huge data volumes
  4. Include inwards and outwards reinsurance programs
  5. Complement your use of catastrophe models
  1. Manage multiple lines of business
  2. Securely handle a multiple-entity client
  3. Integrate with your upstream or downstream systems
  4. Sit on your server, in the cloud or hosted by Ebix Europe
  5. Our team of exposure management experts provide you first class support

The ExposureHub platform is modular with each module serving a distinct function in the exposure management process. The choice of modules is entirely configurable at client level and individual user level.

This module houses your policy and schedule data, with data captured by a combination of APIs, manual entry, and import. The most complex of policy terms can be held. Schedule data is displayed in a grid and an intuitive map.
This module is where you create and run exposure reports across your PolicyHub data. Report types include aggregation by peril, place name, within a shape, by windstorm event (historic or user-created), hotspot (also referred to as spider analysis) and risk proximity. The map takes centre-stage.
This module is all about the delivery of the results of ReportHub reports, presenting them to you in a user-friendly way.
This module is where you see a bitesize record of user activity across the platform. This precious data can help explain movements in results, identify training needs, monitor productivity and much more.
This module runs data quality analytics across the platform. ExposureHub includes field validation at every step of data entry – but a valid piece of data can be of varying quality; your non-mandatory data could be incomplete, and so on. DataQualityHub helps you identify areas of strength in your data, and helps you discover what could be improved.

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